Vector Conversion

We create hi-resolution vector artwork from low resolution jpgs, gifs, bitmaps and other raster art files.

Wannab Web specializes in precision vector conversion of your scans, common file formats, and sketches into high quality vector files suitable for printing, engraving, embroidery, web design and other purposes.

A vector art image is an image created by numerical coordinates that are contained within the file. Vector images can be resized with virtually no loss of resolution and are much smaller files than bitmap files.

Vector images also allow you to change color and edit individual elements with ease. Many print shops and promotional product companies require vector art files. There are no resolution problems with dots or pixels. Type and lines remain crisp not bitmapped.

Bitmap images are made up of pixels, and cannot be scaled up effectively. Most bitmap file formats are jpg, tif or gif. These file formats are not acceptable for quality print jobs.


Vectorizing Artwork Services

We can convert any logo or graphic to vector format. If you have an old logo or graphic we can help. All we need from you is a scan or copy of the image to be cleaned up or converted into vector art format.

Vector conversion is manually traced by hand and not through an automated process. This is done by literally tracing the outlines of each shape using a professional VECTOR based drawing program. This is a fairly time consuming process. Hopefully, we will have the correct font that it used in your logo and can simply replace the pixel based version. If not, we'll have to trace the font by hand and that will increase production time significantly.

This vectorization process ensures that your logo is the highest quality. The final files are sent back to you as .ai or .eps, and .pdf formats. The .ai or .eps file is what you will send to your vendor for reproduction. The pdf file is for you to proof.

Why convert to vectors? Simply put its so versatile! The best choice for your logos and other line art. The conversion process is known as raster to vector or bitmap to vector.

Our prices are billable to the nearest 15 minute increment. The majority of projects take less than an hour to complete, depending on difficulty of artwork.

For a firm estimate, please email us a copy of your artwork for us to review. We will respond with the the total price for your artwork, based on your sample file.

Please email your artwork to:


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